CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a beginner level certification in Cisco Networking Trainig Program.

Cisc Certified Network Professional certification is a professional level certification for candidates aspiring to become Cisco certified in any of the technology offered by Cisco. ITGAT provides online CCNP course training on real Cisco devices. CCNP curriculum is designed as per CCNP Certification exam blueprints provided by Cisco. In order to prepare for latest CCNP Certification online exam conducted by Cisco, candidates are provided with complete study material i.e. Cisco Exam Guide, Lab Manual, and Rack to practice labs.

CCIE, the abbreviated form of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, is a technical certification which Cisco Systems offer. This certifies the skills for a network engineer to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex & converged network infrastructure on a wide range of Cisco’s equipments. ITAGT trains students in various tracks of CCNA, CCNP and CCIE courses which helps participants in clearing their certifications.

All the three courses CCNA, CCNP and CCIE are provided at three different levels in each of the courses. The levels are termed as Beginner (Associate), Intermediate (Professional) and Expert. These are decided to ensure a smooth learning for similar bunch of students. The levels in a program help us to focus on all students simultaneously and also it helps encouraging peer learning among them.

At ITGAT, a fresh graduate / student who is motivated to pursue his career in networking should take up any of the CCNA and after getting hands on, he is encouraged for CCNP and CCIE courses. Here, the study materials and classes are arranged in a customized manner to help students gain up to the highest level of expertise. Also, individual counseling and training is provided to students who wish to spend more time practicing the lab.

The various tracks trained by ITAGT are important in their own ways. A training in CCIE Routing and Switching helps a student to prove their ability to design, implement, verify and troubleshoot local as well as wide area enterprise networks & validates that you can work with specialists on advanced security, wireless, voice, and video solution. A CCIE Data Center certifies the expert level skills for planning, design, implementation and management of complex, modern IT Data Center infrastructure. Similarly, Security and Collaboration domains have their own benefits and implementation in the networking industry.

Class notes in notepad consists of important points has been covered in the classes are distributed amongst students. Theory and Lab manuals are provided on the time of enrollment.

Students are advised to practice unlimited lab sessions on Virtual Racks provided to them. During their lab sessions, they are encouraged to ask questions and share their experience.

From CCNA level, classes are conducted with real Cisco Devices. The course modules will be distributed amongst students in their very first class, so that they acquire a clear vision about further course proceedings.Trainers definitely provide training to install and use Virtual Racks for practicing labs.

There is no constraint to the number of hours a student can practice. Students are advised to practice unlimited lab sessions on Virtual Racks provided to them.

There are courses / course packages which provides online courses to students on weekends. Even the fast track Bootcamp programs are run on weekends only for the working professionals. Apart from online training, students get rack access, in-house developed workbook/lab manual access and lab trainers online.

The course material is prepared as per the current industry scenario. The structure and content is designed to encourage a participant to raise their level of awareness to that of a project level. This helps in troubleshooting the real project scenarios. Further there are higher level of certifications which can be taken in due course.

The appearance in job interview depends completely upon the knowledge gained during the course taken up at the institute. So, a candidate may appear for placements even before appearing for the certifications. Our institute provide separate personality development sessions in regular intervals which a candidate is required to attend and can clear a placement interview successfully.

Apart from certifications completed in networking, basic computer operating skills which is generally possessed by a networking aspirant is expected. Further, CCIE certification can be taken which elevates the knowledge level of a student in CCNA or CCNP program to next level. Though a job role can be bagged with any of these three courses but to increase the level of expertise, a candidate must pursue CCIE program in due course.

After getting CCIE certified, the job roles depend upon the tracks pursued. A CCIE in R&S gets an opportunity of Network Engineer/ Designer/ Consultant, a CCIE in Security works as System/ Network security engineer and similarly other tracks have their own roles and responsibilities.

A CCIE certified candidate is recognized as an expert to configure, validate, and troubleshoot any type of complex network infrastructure, understand the interoperability of various components of an infrastructure and translate all the functional requirements which are specific to the configuration of the devices.So, talent is well proven of a certified candidate and this makes them well appropriate for the candidature in near future.

The course fee is to be separate from certification fee. The course fee includes the fee to be deposited at the institute. The certification fee would be liable at the period when a candidate is willing to go for certifications, though a candidate is able to appear for placements even before appearing for certifications.

The online modules are designed for Local and foreign students who can attend classes from their home comfortably. The module consists of online lectures, video tutorials, e-books, virtual racks and lab manual availability which enables students to learn at their own pace.

Instruction are delivered by a team of experienced trainers in a whiteboard style that employs a “one-on-one” methodology to improve learner retention and usage. There are number of tools being used to clarify the concepts like Epic Pen, animated PPTs etc. along with demonstrations in real Cisco devices.

Online i.e. Live and full interactive classes are taken by certified trainers in real Cisco Devices.

Online classes mainly conducted over MS Lync. Students enrolled for online classes in ITGAT Trainings will get the requisite meeting invitation on their registered email address, through which they can join in fully interactive, live, virtual classroom.

Online sessions are completely interactive. Students can ask any doubt to clear their concepts. Trainers are extremely cordial and are happy to respond back.

This is a rare situation as most of the active and vigilant students at training clear their certifications in their first attempts. In case it is not the scenario then students get free consultation to enhance their confidence and skills, free lab access and complete guidance until their third lab attempt.

We provide various scholarships to bright and talented aspirants.


Theory and Lab manuals and Virtual Racks are provided at the time of enrollment.

The tracks ‘Data Center’ and ‘Security’, both are important and are needed in their own ways. While the Security program helps in implementation, operation and troubleshooting of Cisco network security products and technologies, a DC program helps providing uninterrupted as well as reliable throughput across the entire network. So, both the programs are equally good but it depends upon the level of expertise and the area of interest of the students.

The eight-hour exam requires an examinee to actualize and investigate thoroughly about a complex security situations. Analytical ability should be high while attempting to comprehend the issues. Knowledge of troubleshooting is a must to successfully clear the lab exam.

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