Increasingly, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is taking over traditional telephony and enabling businesses to move to the internet to make and receive telephone calls. With several advantages in scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and special feature availability, it is increasingly getting popular.
The core benefit of IP telephony is the ability to deliver cost savings by reducing calling costs, both for Small & Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) and Corporate organisations. They also provide the equally important benefit of simplifying the implementation and management of telephony systems by using existing LANs or VPNs. Powerful IP phone instruments simplify access to co-workers and clients via special “soft buttons” that can be programmed to quick-dial frequent contacts and easy access to corporate phone directories. We can also integrate our VoIP solution to work with most VoIP service providers internationally.

As VoIP is a core element of any Unified Communications (UC) solution, its value increases further when voice is integrated with other modes of communication, thus facilitating seamless collaboration.

ITGAT Solutions provides 24x7-Online VoIP design, implimentation, and support services for all types of Asterisk based applications. Our Technical Support Engineers are trained professionals in all types of Asterisk applications, with troubleshooting experience ranging from basic dial plan to real time configuration management, complicated IVR integrations, and CRM integration.
We offers solutions for

  • Asterisk
  • Free PBX
  • Elastix
  • VICIdial
  • UCM 6200 Series IP PBX